Thursday, February 16, 2017

She Was Warned

nevertheless, she persisted.

CALL TO ACTION: Please call Senator Dianne Feinstein (202-224-3841) and Senator Kamala Harris (202-224-3553) TODAY and ask them to do two things:

  1. Condemn the outrageous silencing of Senator Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor Tuesday night for "impugning the motive" of a Senator--specifically Senator Jeff Sessions, whose confirmation as Attorney General was being debated.  Senator Warren was shut down for reading the words of Coretta Scott King and Senator Ted Kennedy.
  2. Oppose the confirmation of Senator Sessions and every other nominee selected for the Cabinet by President Trump who has yet to be confirmed.  This is not to be obstructionist.  This is to insist on Cabinet appointees who reflect the values of this nation of inclusion, human rights, economic equality, and freedom of speech.  The silencing of Senator Warren on a trumped-up charge has tainted the legitimacy of the confirmation process and calls into question the fitness of all other Cabinet appointees. 
We will survive this administration so long as we band together, hold all of our elected officials accountable, and fight for the rights of women and families - no matter the political party creating the policies. Join us and other like minded organizations to activate our communities at the grassroots level.
#WomensRightsAreHumanRights || #LetLizSpeak || #RESIST || #PERSIST || #NWPCCA

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