Sunday, January 22, 2017

Updates from Incoming President, Karen Humphrey

New state board marks New Year:
The newly-elected California NWPC State Board began work in January for the period 2017-18.  The officers and board members elected at the November meeting in San Jose are:  President-Karen Humphrey, Sacramento; Vice-President for Political Action, Karriann Farrell Hinds, LA Westside; Vice-President for Education and Training, Sherri Loveland, Orange County; Treasurer-Justine Quinones, Orange County; National Representative-Marguerite Cooper, Greater Pasadena; and Communications Director-Angelica Ramos, Silicon Valley.

Positions that remain vacant are Secretary, Fundraising Chair, Finance Chair, Membership Chair, Northern Regional Director, and Southern Regional Director.  Recruiting is underway to fill these vacancies; if you are interested, please contact  In addition, each local caucus is selecting its state representatives, who will also serve on the board.  

The board wants to encourage members to consider service on the state board—either in one of the vacant positions, or by running to be their local’s state board representative.  The board meets monthly, mostly by conference call, as well as three in-person meetings around the state during the year. 
New organizational leadership for NWPC-CA:
In an effort to strengthen its statewide capacity and visibility, NWPC-CA recently opened a state office in Santa Ana.  Part of the reason was to allow recruitment and assignment of more interns to assist in the many tasks of administration, outreach and communications, event planning and the like.  
In another step forward, President Sherri Loveland has agreed to serve as a volunteer Executive Director for the Caucus, working out of that office to keep state activities running smoothly.   Sherri has worked hard for several years to increase NWPC-CA’s capacity and our collaboration with other organizations which support women’s issues.  She will also continue her leadership in the Orange County caucus and serve as state Vice-President for Education and Training.
The board and Sherri will work out the logistics of her role and the office operations over the coming weeks, including hours when the office will be open and specific assignments to interns.  Stay tuned—and if you see or talk to Sherri, thank her for her dedication to the Caucus!

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