Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sold-Out NWPC LA Westside Calendar Gala Event Honors 12 Remarkable Women Leaders

Last Thursday, October 22, 2105, NWPC LA Westside board members and supporters gathered at The Mark for Events in West Los Angeles to recognize 12 remarkable women for their accomplishments and leadership in the Los Angeles community and beyond. This was the 6th Calendar Gala Event for NWPC LA Westside and it was an elegant affair that sold-out. Pride and joy emanated throughout the room as elected officials, family, friends, and the community joined to celebrate the women honored and raise funds to support women running for elected office.

The 2016 chapter honorees include: Madeline Di Nonno, Ana Guerrero, Dr. Kristie Holmes, Manhattan Beach Councilwoman Amy Thomas Howorth, LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, Paula Madison, LA City Councilwoman Nury Martinez, Mona Pasquil, Malibu Mayor Laura Rosenthal, Lee Saltz, Elizabeth Gelfand Stearns, and CA Controller Betty Yee. Each honoree shared a thrilling and inspirational personal story championing women’s empowerment. Many elected officials attended to celebrate the honorees, including Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, chair of the Women's Legislative Caucus, which recently led the successful effort to pass statewide legislation supporting pay equity.

The evening began with remarks by City of Los Angeles First Lady Amy Wakeland, who spoke of the importance of women serving in leadership roles throughout City Hall and Mayor Eric Garcetti’s commitment to gender equity in LA.  Ms. Wakeland astonishingly revealed that two of Mayor Garcetti’s four deputies are women and that for the first time in the history of Los Angeles women are represented on every single board and commission in the city.

One of the evening’s highlights came when Supervisor Sheila Kuehl announced Los Angeles County’s plans to commit $100 million into affordable housing for low-income families within the LA County region. Supervisor Kuehl, who was not only a state legislator, but also a former actress and comedian, shared amusing and motivational remarks about the challenges she overcame to run for office and how to stay focused when running.

“I never allowed anyone to tell me anything about what the polls said and I never watched any negative ads about me on television because there is no reason why we have to hurt ourselves. We have to keep our hearts beating when we’re running for political office.”

From the triumphant stories of the honorees to the warmth of the celebration permeating The Mark, the Calendar Gala Event highlighted Los Angeles’s diversity as well as the importance of the contributions of women. Ultimately, the Calendar Gala Event was a big victory for NWPC LA Westside. 

The 12 “Remarkable Women Leaders” who were recognized will be featured in the NWPC LA Westside chapter’s 2016 calendar edition. Proceeds from calendar sales will support NWPC LA Westside’s efforts to support, train and endorse women candidates running for local and state elected offices. To purchase calendars, please visit our website

NWPC-LA WESTSIDE BOARD: Barbara Ruskin, Robyn Ritter Simon, Karriann Farrell Hinds, Catherine J. Hood, Jane Henick, Tori Wender, Barbi Appelquist, Gina Goodhill-Rosen, Rebecca Simon    

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