Monday, May 18, 2015

Carolyn Ramsay announces plans for Los Angeles City Council District 4 at NWPC LA Westside Fundraiser

With one day left in the race to replace longtime Los Angeles City Councilman Tom LaBonge, the battle for the 4th district seat intensifies between David Ryu and Carolyn Ramsay. If Ramsay wins, she will be the first woman to represent the seat and the second woman to serve on LA City Council. If Ryu prevails, however, he will be the first Korean American on the Council.

So who is the most qualified candidate for District 4? It was very clear at last Monday’s NWPC LA Westside event supporting Carolyn Ramsay’s campaign that she is the candidate of choice. During the event gathering, which included many local officials from the City of Los Angeles, LA County and other local cities, Ramsay laid out her three main priorities: (1) to protect and enhance neighborhoods; (2) to fix the city’s infrastructure, particularly streets and sidewalks; and (3) enact an economic development initiative to save jobs and retain the entertainment industry. On this final point, Ramsay’s ambitious plan is to attract new businesses and to incentivize the entertainment industry with tax start-ups in a 20-block area of Hollywood intended to stop business from leaving Los Angeles.

Ramsay emphasized that the combination of her drive for innovative technology, her open collaborations with businesses and local unions, her stance on addressing water conservation measures, and her preeminent experience in the community show her ability to lead the 4th district in a much more inhabitable direction.

“LA City went from the crime capital to the safest big city in America. I’ve seen this huge transformation happen in the City of Los Angeles. I want to be apart of the next wave and I want to work with everyone to make LA the safest, most livable and sustainable big city in America,” Ramsay stated Monday.

So far, Ramsay has amassed a long list of City Hall, community and media endorsements, including Mayor Eric Garcetti, LA City Councilmembers Bob Blumenfield, Paul Koretz, and Council president Herb Wesson, the Police and Firefighters union, labor union, the Sierra Club, the LA City Chamber of Commerce, the Los Angeles Times, the Daily News and the National Women’s Political Caucus.

City Council District 4 stretches from Sherman Oaks to Miracle Mile and includes parts of Hollywood and Los Feliz. Voters in these areas are encouraged to get out and vote in the Tuesday, May 19th run-off. Unfortunately, the primary election, which included fourteen (14) candidates, only had a 16% voter turnout, which was the lowest in history. NWPC LA Westside is proud to support Carolyn Ramsay for CD4 and is encouraging all members and allies to help spread the word about our endorsement and why it is important for everyone in CD4 to get out and vote.

NWPC LA Westside’s goal is to increase the number of stellar women serving in elected and appointed offices. To join our movement, become a member of the NWPC LA Westside Chapter by visiting our website to enroll and joining us in our monthly board meetings. Follow us on Twitter and facebook to stay up-to-date with coming events, elections and workshops.

Catherine J. Hood

NWPC LA Westside Board Member

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Meeting on May 12 and Weho Conference May 1-3

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Join us on Tuesday, May 12 for our monthly meeting at Smith House Tap & Grill (back room) beginning at 7:00 PM. We will go until approximately 9:00 PM. All current members, and those interested in learning more about our chapter, are welcome to come! We look forward to meeting you! We will be voting on our upcoming PAC endorsements at this meeting.
Address: 10351 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90025). MAP

We are proud to support the 2015 West Hollywood Women's Leadership Conference on May 1-3! The conference kicks off tomorrow, May 1, with a free screening of the new film "The Hunting Ground" followed by a full day of panels, workshops, networking opportunities and a keynote luncheon on May 2.  The Conference ends on Sunday, May 3 with a keynote address from Chitra Panjabi from NOW and a film screening of "She's Beautiful When She's Angry!"  Don't miss out on getting career tips and learning to lead in your community. Register at:
With Hillary Clinton's announcement of her candidacy for President, we see an opportunity! While the spotlight is on this historic run, why not share a little glow with all the women leaders who should be stepping up to run?  Let's ask them. Will you join us with close the gap CA in a two-week social media campaign to excite and mobilize folks to recruit women and make the case that California and America need all the best talent at work in public service? Here in California, women account for a mere 26% of the legislature and many of  organizations are hard at work recruiting women to fill open seats and many more competitive ones.  We don't have a moment to waste. Click Here To Learn More.

Sign Up For "Kuehl Happenings"     

As most of you know, Supervisor Sheila Kuehl represents LA County's Third District. She assumed office in December, 2014. We have long been supporters of Kuehl - since the beginning of her career! We are very excited to be honoring Supervisor Kuehl, along with 11 other remarkable women, this coming October at our Calendar Gala event - stay tuned for details! Supervisor Kuehl has a fantastic newsletter with valuable in-depth information about County happenings. Enjoy!
Sign Up at: 

 October 22, 2015
     an incredible night to honor and                celebrate 12 Remarkable Women                   6:30 pm at The Mark on Pico


                        email: to R.S.V.P.
                              or for Sponsorship Opportunities 
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

From Our Sisters In Action at close the gap CA


With Hillary Clinton’s announcement of her candidacy for President, we see an opportunity!  While the spotlight is on this historic run, why not share a little glow with all the women leaders who should be stepping up to run?  Let’s ask them.

Will you join us in a two-week social media campaign to excite and mobilize folks to recruit women and make the case that California and America need all the best talent at work in public service?

Here in California, women account for a mere 26% of the legislature close the gap CA e.  and many of  organizations are hard at work recruiting women to fill open seats and many more competitive ones.  We don’t have a moment to waste.

In the days following the Clinton announcement, let members, followers and friends know that you’re #ReadyForHerToo.  Talk/write about the lack of women in the CA Legislature and the great policy advances we make when progressive women are there.  Highlight a woman from your organization who should run.  Ask them to do 4 things:

1. Know a great progressive woman who should run for office? Ask her!  Highlight her on social media.  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  And after a brief description, use the hashtag #ReadyForHerToo.

2. Take a photo (be as creative as you’d like) with a sign #ReadyForHerToo and post it next to a description of the friend or colleague you wish would run.

3. Change your Facebook and Twitter profile photo to include our campaign hashtag: #ReadyForHerToo.

4. When you post your #ReadyForHerToo nominee, tag at least three friends, so the fun and the message go viral. Ask them to post #ReadyForHerToo and tag three friends too. 

Tweet and post the most creative, star-studded posts you see:

Twitter: Hey @ShawndaWestly @LorenaGonzalez @SenHannahBeth Sally Schmidlapp should run for State Senate. I’m #ReadyForHerToo. What about you?

Facebook: [Photo] Sally Schmidlapp should run for Senate. I’ve been ready for Hillary and now I’m #ReadyForHerToo. (Tag Friends)  What about you?

Fact Sheet

Who:   close the gap CA, progressive organizations and activists across California

What:  #ReadyForHerToo A social media campaign to recruit and highlight the need to recruit accomplished, progressive women to run for office.

When:  Following the announcement by Hillary Clinton of her candidacy for president.

Why:   The percentage of women holding public office nationally has not changed significantly in the past decade.  Here in California over the same time period, we have steadily lost women from the state legislature.  Today women account for just 26% of the CA legislature down from 31% a decade ago.

Progressive women and women of color have lost ground.  A decade ago, progressive women were 84% of all women serving in the state legislature.  Today, only 61% of women serving in the legislature are progressives.  In 2005, 6 Latinas served in the CA State Senate.  Today there are none.
California women make 84 cents to each dollar their male counterparts take home.  African American women and Latinas earn even less comparatively.  California ranks 27th in the nation for access to early childhood education.  And parents still lack adequate protection against losing their jobs when a family emergency arises.

Following the 2016 election there will be fewer open seats than at any time since term limits began.  The next time significant numbers of seats will open in the CA Legislature?  2024!

Don’t let California fall further behind.  We used to be in the top 5 states for women serving in the state legislature.  Today we rank 20th.  We can reverse the backslide, but only if we make the most of the 2016 elections to send many more progressive women to Sacramento.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Updates from the Center for American Women and Politics

We applaud the good work of the CAWP. Here are some updates from their newsletter:

April 14, 2015

A newsletter to keep you informed about all things women and politics from the Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University
Presidential Gender Watch 2016 is off and running!
The new nonpartisan project to track, analyze and illuminate gender dynamics in election 2016 is now live online. This partnership between CAWP and the Barbara Lee Family Foundation will draw on the research and expertise of both organizations, as well as other experts, to further public understanding of how gender influences candidate strategy, voter engagement and expectations, media coverage, and electoral outcomes in the race for the nation's highest executive office. 
But wait, there's more!
Election WatchThe presidential race is far from the only one to watch. CAWP's Election Watch 2016 is up online as well, tracking women's potential candidacies for the U.S. Senate and House and statewide elective offices. And don't forget about the five states with elections in 2015
 Some are coming, some are going...
Congresswoman Candice Miller (R-MI)

Four women have already announced that they will retire at the end of their current terms in 2016 (Senators Barbara Boxer and Barbara Mikulski, Congresswomen Lois Capps and Candice Miller). In addition, Congresswomen Tammy Duckworth and Donna Edwards plan to seek Senate seats, and Congresswoman Janice Hahn is leaving to run for Los Angeles County Supervisor. 
Leader of the future interviews expert on women's leadership

16-year-old Alex Kukoff, already a widely published writer and activist on behalf of deaf rights,
interviewed CAWP director Debbie Walsh for Amy Poehler's Smart Girls - an online community whose motto is "Change the World by Being Yourself." Smart Girls, an ally in CAWP's Teach a Girl to Lead™ initiative, proves you can change the world and have fun at the same time! 

Who says men don't care about women's issues?
Not the four men who have joined the Women Legislators of Maryland, per The Washington Post. The caucus's stated mission is "fighting for equity for women, curtailing poverty, providing affordable health care and ending violence against women." You go, boys!

And while we're in Maryland...
Hats off to Nancy Kopp, now in her 40th year of serving the state, first as a legislator and now as state treasurer, as reported by Center Maryland.

Do women make better presidents?
We may not know yet in the U.S., but Mike Pesca, on his podcast The Gist, speculates on the subject with CAWP director Debbie Walsh.

How to do the gender thing
As Hillary Clinton announced her presidential candidacy, CNN's Nia-Malika Henderson talked to experts about the "gender tightrope" Clinton must walk. Rebecca Traister explained why Clinton is not "inevitable" and listed her hopes for the race in The New Republic. And Jessica Valenti, in The Guardian, described the gender card she would recommend playing.  If you enjoy this sort of analysis, make sure to follow Presidential Gender Watch on Twitter (@genderwatch2016) and like it on Facebook

Center for American Women and Politics
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
191 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8557
(848) 932-9384 - Fax: (732) 932-6778

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