Friday, April 10, 2015

State Controller Betty Yee announces her endorsement of Carolyn Ramsay's campaign for Los Angeles City Council at NWPC LA Westside Post-Election Breakfast

State Controller Betty Yee announces her endorsement of Carolyn Ramsay's campaign for Los Angeles City Council at NWPC LA Westside Post-Election Breakfast

We were honored and thrilled that California State Controller Betty Yee chose to announce her endorsement of Carolyn Ramsey in the runoff for the Los Angeles City Council District 4 seat at our post-March election breakfast!

The morning of March 26th, 2015, NWPC LA Westside hosted another successful networking breakfast to discuss post-March election results at Factor’s Famous Deli in West LA. California Controller Betty Yee made an appearance, along with other notable local elected officials, including Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells (Culver City), Trustees-elect Andra Hoffman and Sydney Kamlager (Los Angeles Community College District), Councilwoman Lauren Meister (West Hollywood), and Boardmember Kathy Paspalis (Culver City Board of Education to not only discuss results of the previous election, but also to share valuable information about the importance of women making the choice to run for elected office. Over bagels and coffee in Sunny Los Angeles, chapter members, their friends and family conversed not only with LA Westside chapter endorsed women, but also reflected on data provided by Dr. Jackie Filla of Mount St. Mary’s University on the dismal turnout of the March elections and the scarcity of women candidates who were elected to serve.

One of the most compelling topics of the breakfast proved to be the prospect of adding Carolyn Ramsey to the 18-member City Council roster. Currently, there is only one woman sitting on the Los Angeles City Council, Councilwoman Nury Martinez, so Ramsey is the one shot that Angelenos have to add another for several years. On May 19th,  Ramsey, former chief of staff to Councilman Tom LaBonge, will faceoff against healthcare director David Ryu to succeed LaBonge as the representive for Council District 4. Both Ramsay and Ryu advanced to the May 19th General Elections for Los Angeles City Council District 4 according to the results from the March 3rd primary elections.

Ramsey is an environmental advocate and was a former freelance journalist for local and national news outlets. She has preeminent experience in servicing the 4th district community and has spent most of her career as a neighborhood advocate.  In announcing her support for Ramsey, Controller Yee stated,

“I feel tremendous kinship to Carolyn. You can always know that behind the electeds are good people who do the work and are solid in policy. I know she will make her district proud”.

NWPC LA Westside is proud to join with Controller Betty Yee in support of Carolyn Ramsey in her campaign for election to represent Los Angeles City Council District 4. In support of her campaign efforts, NWPC LA Westside chapter is collaborating with other women leaders and organizations to host a fundraiser for Ramsay on May 11th in West Los Angeles. Details will be released shortly, but, in the meantime, you can help us support Ramsay’s campaign by visiting our website and contributing. No contribution is too small!


It seems like the election cycle is neverending! NWPC LA Westside is dedicated to working with women in the community to take the step towards running for office or seeking appointments to boards and commissions. To join our movement, become a member! Visit our  website to enroll or make a contribution to our endorsed candidates. You can also follow us on Twitter and facebook to stay up-to-date with coming events, including trainings, networking events and more!

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