Wednesday, April 22, 2015

From Our Sisters In Action at close the gap CA


With Hillary Clinton’s announcement of her candidacy for President, we see an opportunity!  While the spotlight is on this historic run, why not share a little glow with all the women leaders who should be stepping up to run?  Let’s ask them.

Will you join us in a two-week social media campaign to excite and mobilize folks to recruit women and make the case that California and America need all the best talent at work in public service?

Here in California, women account for a mere 26% of the legislature close the gap CA e.  and many of  organizations are hard at work recruiting women to fill open seats and many more competitive ones.  We don’t have a moment to waste.

In the days following the Clinton announcement, let members, followers and friends know that you’re #ReadyForHerToo.  Talk/write about the lack of women in the CA Legislature and the great policy advances we make when progressive women are there.  Highlight a woman from your organization who should run.  Ask them to do 4 things:

1. Know a great progressive woman who should run for office? Ask her!  Highlight her on social media.  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  And after a brief description, use the hashtag #ReadyForHerToo.

2. Take a photo (be as creative as you’d like) with a sign #ReadyForHerToo and post it next to a description of the friend or colleague you wish would run.

3. Change your Facebook and Twitter profile photo to include our campaign hashtag: #ReadyForHerToo.

4. When you post your #ReadyForHerToo nominee, tag at least three friends, so the fun and the message go viral. Ask them to post #ReadyForHerToo and tag three friends too. 

Tweet and post the most creative, star-studded posts you see:

Twitter: Hey @ShawndaWestly @LorenaGonzalez @SenHannahBeth Sally Schmidlapp should run for State Senate. I’m #ReadyForHerToo. What about you?

Facebook: [Photo] Sally Schmidlapp should run for Senate. I’ve been ready for Hillary and now I’m #ReadyForHerToo. (Tag Friends)  What about you?

Fact Sheet

Who:   close the gap CA, progressive organizations and activists across California

What:  #ReadyForHerToo A social media campaign to recruit and highlight the need to recruit accomplished, progressive women to run for office.

When:  Following the announcement by Hillary Clinton of her candidacy for president.

Why:   The percentage of women holding public office nationally has not changed significantly in the past decade.  Here in California over the same time period, we have steadily lost women from the state legislature.  Today women account for just 26% of the CA legislature down from 31% a decade ago.

Progressive women and women of color have lost ground.  A decade ago, progressive women were 84% of all women serving in the state legislature.  Today, only 61% of women serving in the legislature are progressives.  In 2005, 6 Latinas served in the CA State Senate.  Today there are none.
California women make 84 cents to each dollar their male counterparts take home.  African American women and Latinas earn even less comparatively.  California ranks 27th in the nation for access to early childhood education.  And parents still lack adequate protection against losing their jobs when a family emergency arises.

Following the 2016 election there will be fewer open seats than at any time since term limits began.  The next time significant numbers of seats will open in the CA Legislature?  2024!

Don’t let California fall further behind.  We used to be in the top 5 states for women serving in the state legislature.  Today we rank 20th.  We can reverse the backslide, but only if we make the most of the 2016 elections to send many more progressive women to Sacramento.

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