Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Women's Rights and International Law

Women's Rights and International Law

All through March, thee core focus was on Women and Women's Rights

It has been 18 years since Hillary Clinton made a historic statement at the Beijing Conference, noting that women’s rights are human rights. And yet, though we’ve come a long way since, the “long way” has only been in time, not in developments. Today, women are as marginalised, brutalised and ostracised as they were nearly two decades ago. The only difference is the extent of exposure of the predicament that these women face – whether it is in the mass media or in the World Wide Web’s far-reaching social media.
From The A38 Foundation of International Law:

Here is a two part article on Crimes against Women under Public International Law.
Part I talks about how jurisprudence helped engender International Criminal Law and
Part II talks about how we can legislate for the issue under International Criminal Law.  
In conflict, laws remain unenforced, and sexual violence and rape occur without restraint. All commitments made on gender and the R2P doctrine have remained confined to paper. Is it time to Engender R2P? Read here

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