Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Message from NWPC National

Rush Limbaugh went too far and is finally being publically called out due to his most recent rants against Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke. Leader Pelosi gave the young woman, who was denied the opportunity to speak at the infamous all-male birth control panel, the chance to testify on the House Floor the week after the initial hearing. She eloquently expressed her concern that young women, like her, at religiously affiliated educational institutions should not be discriminated against in their Health Care benefits. She advocated for universal coverage, without co-pay, of contraceptives.

In wake and response to Ms. Fluke’s comments Rush Limbaugh went on a multi-day tirade against the young women. And it got progressively worse. It went from personally attacking Ms. Fluke as a “slut” and “prostitute” for using birth control to suggesting that if the government pays for birth control the appropriate response is to repay the public by posting pornography on the Internet. Limbaugh has since apologized, but only after losing the support of multiple sponsors, more than 20 by the time of this writing.

Well, Ms. Fluke has publicly announced her refusal to accept Limbaugh’s apology, the sponsors aren’t coming around and neither is NWPC. It is time to tell the Nation that there is certainly a level that is not to be crossed. Limbaugh has crossed it, legislation in DC and across the Nation has crossed it and so have elected officials. 2012 is an election year and it is time to vote in women who will not stand for these attacks any longer.

Support women nationwide by supporting progressive women candidates. Learn more about our 2012 endorsements at www.nwpc.org/2012endorsements and make a commitment to their success.

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