Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NWPC CA Endorses Betsy Butler for Assembly District 50

September 20, 2011
Contact: Lindsay Bubar 
Phone: 818-516-4697

The National Women's Political Caucus of California Supports Assemblymember Betsy Butler 
for re-election to Assembly District 50

The National Women's Political Caucus of California (NWPC) has announced its endorsement of Assemblymember Betsy Butler, who is running for re-election in California State Assembly District 50.

"We are proud to support Assemblymember Betsy Butler," said Teray Stephens, President of NWPC California.  "Not only has Betsy been a long-time active member and leader of NWPC, but she embodies the goals of our organization."

Stephens continued, "Betsy has advocated for women her entire career, encouraged women to become involved in the political process and helped them succeed. Now, as an elected woman herself, she is fighting for equality, reproductive freedom and an end to violence and discrimination against women.  Betsy is one of us."

Demonstrating her commitment to these values, Assemblymember Butler authored legislation to ban the use of Bisphenol-A (BPA) in baby bottles and sippy cups which has been approved by both houses of the Legislature and was recently sent to the Governor for signature.

"We commend Assemblymember Butler for her work to protect infants and children and her continuing fight for stronger consumer protection laws," said Stephens.  "In the Assembly, Betsy has fought for legislation to expand health care coverage for women, promote mammography screening information and ensure that law enforcement agencies who collect rape kit evidence share that information with the Department of Justice."

Assemblymember Butler is a former President of the NWPC-LA Westside Chapter. During her tenure, she helped grow her chapter's membership to one of the largest in the state and worked with chapters throughout California to support candidate and campaign training programs targeted toward women seeking to become more involved in the political process.

"I am honored to have the support of NWPC," said Assemblymember Butler.  "Not only am I a long time member of the organization, I am extremely proud of the work NWPC does to involve women in the political process, support women candidates and promote policies for equality, reproductive freedom and the eradication of violence and discrimination in our society."

Assemblymember Butler has served as a mentor to women seeking election to political offices at all levels of government.  She has raised tens of thousands of dollars for NWPC and women candidates and has promoted career options for women in the political, non-profit and public service sectors.

"Betsy Butler is a dedicated advocate who is committed to do the work to help elect and promote women, in politics and in life.  She is a leader and a fighter for public policies that help women, families and all Californians," concluded Stephens.


NWPC CA is a multi-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to increasing women's participation in the political process and creating a political power base designed to achieve equality for all women. NWPC CA identifies, recruits, trains and supports feminist women for elected and appointed office. 

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