Monday, August 1, 2011

National Women's Political Caucus Elects New Leadership

The new National Board elected during the 40th Anniversary Convention brings impressive leadership and diversity to NWPC.

At the close of a dynamic 40th Anniversary Convention, NWPC elected a Super Slate National Board to govern through 2013. The new board members are from all over our nation, including Teray Stephens, NWPC CA President who is the new 1st Vice President and VP of Board Operations, and Donna DeBerry, another NWPC CA member, in the new VP of Diversity.

Linda Young, newly elected President from Texas, proudly proclaimed "Life Begins (again) at 40" as she provided an exciting vision for the future. All of the new Board members are listed below.

Linda Young - Democrat, TX

First Vice President and VP of Board Operations:
Teray Stephens - Democrat, CA & President of NWPC CA

Vice Presidents:
VP Development: Judy Chavis - Democrat, TX
VP Communications: Pat Lynch - Independent, NV
VP Political Planning: Donna Lent - Independence Party, NY
VP Education & Training: Lisa Kaado - Democrat, NJ
VP Membership: Teresa Ruiz - Democrat, MO
VP Diversity and Outreach - Donna DeBerry - Republican, CA

Linda Knight- Democrat, CA

Veronica Rivera - Democrat, MD

Political Planning & Appointments Committee:
Sharon Ball - Democrat, CA
Marguerite Cooper - Democrat, CA
Lulu Flores - Democrat, TX
Karen Hosto - Democrat, FL
Marion Sullivan - Democrat, NC
Tammi McIntyre - Democrat, CA
Carmen Schaye - Democrat, CA
Joyce Ferriabough Bolling - Democrat, MA

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