Friday, July 15, 2011

Special Offer from National NWPC

Here's a special and personal audio invitation from Pat Lynch, Editor-in-Chief of -- with an opportunity to add your voice to the national dialog and indicate what you think is the #1 issue facing women's leadership in government today!

To view your AudioNote(TM), please visit the following URL to take a short, one-question survey.

As a thank you for participating, you'll be able to purchase a discounted ticket for NWPC's Convention in Washington, DC, July 29 - 31. A ticket to this year's convention will give you access to a wide array of panels, workshops, and networking events. Your registration also includes two continental breakfasts, Saturday's Keynote Luncheon honoring NWPC leaders and founders, and gives you the opportunity to purchase a ticket to Saturday's Good Guys Gala at half-price (that's another $50 discount) and attend our campaign skills training workshop on Friday for $50 (a $15 discount).

To learn more about the exciting activities that will be available to you at Convention, please go to There you will find a schedule of events and information on Friday's NWPC Campaign Training Skills 4.0.

We encourage you to join in for this historic event!

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