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Public Speaking 101 on October 27

We have two great events that we hope you'll join us at! Register here.  If you prefer to send a check, print and send with this formSponsorships are also available! Help us elect women by sponsoring this event.

#ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

  • CONGRATULATIONS TO ENDORSED CANDIDATE WENDY CARRILLO for advancing to the AD51 special election runoff! Assembly District 51 seat was vacated by Jimmy Gomez when he was elected to Congress.  Wendy is a community advocate, journalist and radio host, and labor organizer who is a strong voice for economic justice, immigrants’ rights, and women’s rights.  She was supported by NWPC-CA in the Congressional race, and her strong showing has made her a leading candidate for the Assembly seat.  There were a total of 13 candidates and Wendy Carrillo made it into the #1 spot -- but its not over yet! There's a runoff on December 5th.  Get involved NOW

NWPC-CA Endorsement Activity Underway

Although the 2018 Primary and General Elections are still months away, candidate activity is building rapidly, and NWPC-CA has already issued the first of what we anticipate to be many candidate endorsements in an election where women are really showing up!
Early this year, NWPC-CA endorsed former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin for Governor of California (see article below).  More recently, the Board has acted to endorse Board of Equalization member Fiona Ma for State Treasurer, and to endorse Betty Yee for re-election as State Controller.   NWPC-CA also endorsed Christy Smith for election in AD 38, a race she narrowly lost in 2016 and where her support has continued to build.  All were endorsed by NWPC-CA in previous races and all well deserve your enthusiastic support, volunteer effort, and donations.  NWPC-CA is in the process of identifying and contacting women who already have or may soon announce campaigns for statewide office, the state Legislature, and Congress.  In addition to supporting NWPC-CA’s bottom line issues, candidates seeking our endorsement must demonstrate they are qualified for the position they seek and credible as candidates, with a path to victory even if they are not front-runners.  If you are interested in helping with the process, let your local officers know and/or contact Karriann Farrell-Hinds, the state Vice President for Political Action, at   
Check the state website link for candidates at  You can learn more about the endorsement process, and you can also get information on endorsed candidates.  

A message from NWPC California president, Karen Humphrey: 

If the answer to the above question is “a lot!!!”, I’m asking you to get involved directly in the campaign to elect Delaine Eastin as much and as soon as you can.
Here’s the context:  California has never had a woman governor, and has not had even a progressive woman candidate for Governor since 1990, when Kathleen Brown ran unsuccessfully.   Since that time,  Delaine Eastin was hard at work: serving on her Union City Council; serving in the California Assembly, where she headed the Education Committee; and then serving as California’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction for eight years between 1995 and 2003.  Since leaving office, Delaine has held major national leadership positions, taught at Mills College, and thrown herself into promoting California education and progressive, pro-choice women as Jane Q. Citizen.   
Nobody else running for Governor in 2018 has the combined public service experience (city government, legislature, AND statewide office) that Delaine does.  Nobody else running for Governor has the record of accomplishment in both education and other major public policy issues that she does.  Nobody else running for Governor has the power to inspire Californians as she can, as one of the most eloquent speakers in public life.  And significantly, nobody else running for Governor is a progressive, pro-choice woman—which is long overdue in our 167-year-old state!
Given that history, her qualifications, and her lifelong support for women’s rights and the advancement of women into public leadership, it was easy for NWPC California to endorse Delaine for Governor earlier this year.  We knew this was the candidate who can break the “golden glass ceiling” in the Governor’s office and provide visionary, energetic leadership for ALL the people of California.
Here’s the thing, though.  Delaine can only win if we put our money, our shoe leather, our voices, and our commitment into creating the greatest grassroots campaign in California history to elect her.  She will not have more money than the well-funded men she’s running against, nor the adoration of single-issue crowds, or the “moth to a flame” attraction of celebrity candidates.  What she has is the grit, the determination, and the track record of winning elections she wasn’t supposed to win.  She has the brains, the deep understanding of issues, the energy, and most of all, the heart to help California and all the people who live here reach their full potential.
SO—if you aren’t convinced by now that you need to get on board in a tangible way, please reread this article.  Or call me at 916-730-3419 or email me at and let me see if I can persuade you.  You aren’t obligated to work for Delaine just because you’re part of NWPC.  But if you care about our mission, you will not pass up the chance to help elect the most viable candidate for California’s first woman governor in years, and likely our last chance for at least eight years to come.  
If you are convinced, please go to and sign up as a volunteer and as a donor (best idea—give a set amount each month automatically).  Delaine needs us and she needs us now—not next month or next year.  The June primary is only eight months away.  If Delaine is one of the top two, she absolutely will win.  We have to help get her there.   
This isn’t about NWPC or even about being politically active women.  This is about the future of our state at a critical time in the future of this country and this is our last chance for almost a decade to put a woman at the head of California state government.   Please don’t hesitate—get on board now!
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