Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Women's Week of Action For Hillary

There are over 150 women's events happening in over 20 states across the country this week, including rallies with Chelsea Clinton (don't miss her in PA!), women phone banks with Anne Holton (don't miss her in AZ!), and even a women's volunteer summit in Chicago with Mary Kay Henry of SEIU and Jess O'Connell of EMILY's List!. Thousands of volunteers will be joining our organizing and digital amplification efforts across the country - and we need you!

Ways to Engage
  • Change your Facebook cover photo: Attached are a series of Women Together and Deal Me In Facebook cover photos. We've also included a SMS women graphic to help build our list of incredible women supporters across the country. When you post, please encourage folks to visit to get more involved. Tomorrow, this page will also redirect to a great new women's vote toolkit with resources for our women volunteers!
  • Share our new Women-to-Women Call Tool: This is a great way for our women volunteers to call other women supporters from home. Share it far and wide to the favorite phone bankers and women volunteers in your life.
  • Help us celebrate our women volunteers: We've got a great Medium article on how women are the backbone of this campaign. Read and share it here! We're going to be amplifying volunteer stories all week like Carol in NY and Ana in TX. Send us your folks and we'll work to uplift them on our national channels. 
  • Encourage your members to attend events: Let us know what states you have in-state capacity and we'll send you a list of events happening in that area. We'd love your members to help build up these events. You can also search online at 
Message Guidance
  • Women are - and will continue to be - one of the most important driving forces behind HRC’s campaign.
  • We celebrate and are so grateful for the women who have gotten us this far - we couldn't have done it without you but we all know we aren't done yet.
  • We are calling on women to step up their engagement between now and Election Day so we can win on November 8 -- this election matters and none of us want to look back on November 9th and think we could have done more.
  • Let's come together and work as hard as we can every day to make sure our next president is someone who stands with and embodies our values -- to make sure our next president is Hillary Clinton

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