Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Here’s to hoping that by International Women’s Day 2017 women the world over won’t have to fight for their human right to reproductive health and justice. To having more than only 25 sitting female Heads of State. To a world where gender-based violence in all its brutal, grotesque forms—including FGM, human trafficking, sexual assault, honor-based crimes, rape as a weapon in war—has been nearly eliminated. Where girls can get an education equal to boys without threat and fear of violence. Where women are able to dress as they wish and not be forced to cover up in order not to ‘seduce men’. Where women don’t need male guardians to leave their homes or gain financial capital.

Big goals for the next #IWD, but maybe for this year we can stop asking “can women REALLY have it all?!?!” because we would never ask the same as a man.

Maybe we can stop focusing on a woman’s cadence (she’s too shrill!) and more on the substance of her speech. 

We can stop seeing “FEMINISM” as the F-word. We can work a little harder to curb rape culture. Maybe this year, we can all get involved with community-based or international organizations that help to empower women locally or globally.

To the women and allies who are working to break down the glass ceiling in STEM, in business, in law; struggling against oppressive regimes; finding their way as survivors; fighting for reproductive rights—thank you.

We know the journey is long and we might not personally see the fruits of our labor but you are building a legacy and foundation. Your work is valued and important. One day we might not need an anthem of empowerment telling us that girls run the world, we might not need a special day that honors us.

But until then, we have to continue to fight for ourselves, and for our sisters the world over.


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