Thursday, August 20, 2015

Message From National President

Welcome to the "New Normal" - where women are expected to be treated like equals; where we are paid the same as our male counterparts - and where achieving the top political posts are not making history, rather they are a done deal.

Thank you to my friends, family and longtime National Women's Political Caucus colleagues: it is with a burst of energy, excitement and a non-stoppable attitude that I take over the realm of the NWPC at the perfect time for all women. As we see several women from many parties running for President, we can feel the momentum from throughout the country that this is our time.

There are many factors contributing to this feeling of optimism and accomplishment: we know from national and international experience that when credible women run for top office, it has a cascading effect on all offices down the ballot. With women running for President of the United States, the messages reverberates worldwide that more women should be taking the leap forward as well.

Did you know that already we have been notified of women seeking US Senate and Congressional seats in record numbers, in states where women have never won previously, and that number includes a refreshing number of women of color? Yes!
Did you know that already Federal Elections Commission reports reveal a major jump in the number of women contributors ... and it looks like women will be digging down deep in their pockets to be supporting their candidates and issues, especially contributing in monthly installments?

Did you know that we are now looking at more women who are voting - and voting for women than ever before? Women who have been optimistic about the progress women have been making over the last 30 years, these same women are now skeptical and rallying around women on issues of elected representation, pay equity, and even the passage of the national Equal Rights for Women legislation.

So, it is with great joy that I am taking a step of executive privilege and announcing our "New Normal" campaign to generate interest, candidates, dollars and visibility for an exciting year of women's winning ways. We need to be that generating force of energy that kicks women into gear to move us collectively towards the most important year for American women ever: the year we establish "The New Normal".

Join us, women and men both, to fund the effort of a lifetime. "The New Normal" has a place for you to contribute, to donate your time and energy, and to become an active voice in the change that is our destiny to create. If you are a member of the NWPC - or if you are one of our tens of thousands of women believers, former NWPC members or younger women new to women's politics, we need you now.

Can you go online now and head to and check out our donation page? Look for the "New Normal" donation button and contribute to this first volley of 2016 collaborative women's efforts to maximize the progress we can make together? We need you to be an at-large NWPC member: a person who contributes at least $100 but does not have to go to a meeting. We need you to be a "virtual member": a member who is interested in the number of women recruited, trained and supported by women and men like us who are determined to make 2016 "The Year of the New Normal" - the year women take that giant step to the most equality ever!

We'll give you information on all the great women running and report back to you online. Your obligation to continue to help us reach further in this all-important year will be up to you. You get the benefits of the knowledge and the results of the support you donate - and you decide if you want a more direct involvement with every future donation you provide as we close in on Election Day 2016.

Please, join me. We have come so far, done so much, believed so sincerely, and gotten THIS close to being equal in so many ways - but we still don't have the prize of equality, a Presidency in our own country, or women elected in numbers that make a difference for women and children. Join us now. 

Thank you for your time and support; I will give everything I have to making this journey to equality the best year in American women's history - and I challenge you to join me. We are on the brink of doing what we started long ago - now let's make it happen!

Donna Lent
President, National Women’s Political Caucus

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