Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Post from MsRepresentation -- 14 days before the election!

Mission Possible: Protect Lady Parts
Well that’s strange. It appears that women’s issues are super important to women.

Mission Possible 2: Protect the Country
But that’s not all women care about—we’re also able to wrap our dainty little lady-minds around the economy, jobs, and foreign policy issues, too!

Ain’t No Sunshine with Prop 6
Hey Florida ladies, if the government stripping away every right you have as a woman isn’t your idea of a good time, I’d suggest you vote no on Prop 6.

Whose Senate Is It Anyway?
This much is clear: the fight for Senate control hinges on women this November. No big deal, guys; deciding who has control of the world’s greatest deliberative body is all in a day’s work for a woman. Women will also decide the Presidential election, and since that's pretty much hinging on Ohio, you can consider MsRep’s flight booked!

Recent polls show that the gender gap is large and in charge this year, reaching near-record highs. Pourquoi, you may ask? Um, women are prob not too fond of GOPers saying, “You can’t die from childbirth” and “You can’t get pregnant from rape.” ‘Cause the weird thing is…you can.

Don't Get MsRep Wrong
It totally sucks that there’s such a ginormous gender gap. Women shouldn’t have to choose their party based on who’s telling them how their bodies work; we need women on both sides of the aisle! Which is why we need a heck of a lot more rockstar pro-choice Republicans at all levels. Exhibit A: Kay Hatcher, the Republican State Representative from Illinois who is a big believer in women being in charge of their damn selves.

Decisions, Decisions
North Carolina: You’ve got a pretty tough choice ahead of you. Mandated ultrasounds with a side of abortion bans, or a healthy serving of the right to choose what’s best for your body. Sleep on that one.

Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh, evidently a devout ToddAkinist, has once again decided that if he says words then they’re obviously true! But oops, it didn’t go over too well: After he claimed that abortions should never be legal since women totally don’t even die during childbirth anyway, a doctor was all “Dude. No.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?
Do Utah women work half as hard as men? Because they’re being paid half as much, with many of states not too far behind. It’s almost as if there needs to be a law to protect against this sort of thing. Oh wait.

Bustin’ Her Chops
Cheri Bustos is gaining some serious momentum in Illinois! It was only last month that she found herself behind in the polls, but is now up by two points. Lock in your vote for Cheri ASAP; early voting started Monday!

Dear Todd Akin
Sometimes, when thoughts pop into our head, we don’t immediately broadcast it to the universe—as our interior monologue is not, in fact, a live C-SPAN ticker. This ability might prove to be particularly helpful to you the next time you want to compare women to dogs.

Kim For the Win
You don’t even have to live in Montana to know that Congressional candidate Kim Gillan is the bees-knees. This article gives props to the neighborhood activist that has now risen to the Democratic leadership of the Montana Senate. And, just to top off the awesome, Planned Parenthood has recently endorsed her.

Don’t Hold Back, Tkacyzk
Assemblyman George Amedore’s refusal to vote for equal pay is “deeply disturbing,” as NY State Senate hopeful Cecilia Tkaczyk has so delicately put it. Boom! Not quite finished tellin’ it like it is, she also said that “as state senator, [she] will stand up to extremists...and ensure that women’s health is no longer a partisan issue, but a basic human right." Well, sign MsRep up for a few of those.

Kicking Ass and Taking Names
New Hampshire hopes to make history this election cycle with its three pro-choice women candidates running for office: gubernatorial nominee Maggie Hassan and House hopefuls Carol Shea-Porter and Ann McLane Kuster. People, we cannot stress this enough: Hassan is the only pro-choice female running for governor. In. The. COUNTRY. She’s also running against this guy, so, yeah. There’s that.

Operation: MsRepresentation
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