Thursday, February 2, 2012

Councilmember Alarcón Takes Action to Protect Lifesaving Cancer Screenings

Resolution Calls for Action After Komen Foundation Ends Funding for Cancer Screening Services

As you know, we have spent the last year fighting against the extreme attacks on women's health. Sadly, the fight has not ended. Yesterday, we all heard that news about the Susan G. Komen Foundation pulling their critical funding from Planned Parenthood. This funding was used to provide low-income women with breast cancer screenings. These screenings save lives and families every year and without funding, Planned Parenthood might not be able to provide this life saving treatment.

Sadly, we continue to see a decline in women in elected office at all levels of government, particularly right here in Los Angeles where we are left with only one woman on the LA City Council. In times like these, we need strong allies who are willing to fight for us. Today, Councilmember Richard Alarcon was that ally, urging the Susan G. Komen Foundation to resume funding to Planned Parenthood so all women can continue to have access to this critically important preventative health care.

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We urge you to send this to your friends, thank Councilmember Alarcon and continue fighting for equal representation in elected office so we no longer see these extreme attacks on our bodies, our families and our health. Sign the petition to send a message to the Komen Board of Directors: click here.


Los Angeles City Councilmember Richard Alarcón today introduced a resolution calling on the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation to resume funding lifesaving cancer screening services at Planned Parenthood health centers across the country.  Yesterday, it was reported that after facing pressure from anti-women's health political organizations, the Komen Foundation announced that it would end future funding for lifesaving breast cancer screenings and breast health education at Planned Parenthood health centers.

“Allowing misguided partisan political battles to jeopardize lifesaving services is despicable,” said Councilmember Alarcón.  “Cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood health centers save the lives of mothers, sisters, daughters and wives every day.  People need to know where their money is going – or isn’t going – when they donate to an organization like the Komen Foundaion.”

Planned Parenthood reports that Komen Foundation grants totaled roughly $680,000 last year and $580,000 the year before and helped fund services at 19 Planned Parenthood centers around the country (many of these centers are located in rural and underserved communities).   Komen Foundation funding enabled designated Planned Parenthood health centers to provide women with breast health education, screenings, and referrals for mammograms — lifesaving services for women where Planned Parenthood is their only source of health care.  In the past five years, Planned Parenthood has provided more than 4 million breast exams, including nearly 170,000 exams as a direct result of Komen grants.

“The Komen Foundation’s poor decision isn’t just dangerous for the women who depend on Planned Parenthood for cancer screenings, it affects us all,” said Councilemmber Alarcón.   “Without Planned Parenthood’s services, taxpayers may eventually be burdened with rising health care costs for those unable to use the organization’s low-cost services.”

In addition to calling on the Komen Foundation to resume funding Planned Parenthood health centers, Councilmember Alarcón’s resolution additionally includes support for legislation which protects adequate funding of women’s health programs at Planned Parenthood in the City’s Federal Legislative Program.  If approved by his colleagues, Councilmember Alarcón’s resolution will allow the City of Los Angeles’ Washington D.C.-based legislative staff to advocate on behalf of women’s health services in meetings with Federal representatives.

The City of Los Angeles has previously supported programs hosted by the Susan G. Komen foundation, including providing free banners promoting the organization’s events in Los Angeles and honoring representatives of the organization during breast cancer awareness month.


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